Why Slappy Wares?

Why Slappy Wares?

Why Slappy Wares? 

Years ago, a close friend of ours went to swim with the dolphins in Cancun, Mexico ... and then in a moment of interspecies passion ... she got humped by a dolphin. In July of 2022 we returned to the amorous scene at the Cancun mall. Amidst the near paralytic laughter, someone said we should commemorate this event with a T-Shirt and, thus, the The Dolphin Hump Survivors Club shirt was created. Of course, this led to other genius T-Shirt ideas as Once You Go Grey You'll Never Stray and a litany of others that can be found in our Cancun Collection.  

Inevitably, other ideas were spawned and it became obvious that we had a pipeline of untapped creativity. Being from the world of startup, we decided to spin up an e-commerce site and Slappy Wares was born.

Who is Slappy Wares? 

We're creatively fueled by Steve Lux who is a savvy entrepreneur that has flourished in startups for a few decades. His marketing prowess, brand building and a vast set of coding skills has been instrumental in launching Slappy Wares.

Jamie Lux is the operational know how that makes sure the numbers add up, the lights stay on and all the taxes are paid. She's also been pivotal in steering the Slappy Wares product focus for shopping and apparel trends.

Friends and family are also part of our DNA because they come up with ideas, share them with us and often we make a T-Shirt from it. We even created a Requested T's Collection and make sure we give a shout out to who came up with the idea!

Where is Slappy Wares? 

We don't have a brick and mortar store ... yet. Our products currently can be found in a variety of locations online and we are working diligently to add more:

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